Save Hare Hill House

Hare Hill House is a historic part of Littleborough’s past and is a magnificent building which should be preserved. It has recently been jeopardised by developers, after Rochdale Council declared it surplus to requirements after serving for many years as the neighbourhood office.

Since 2008, Moor End Trust has been searching for another use for this beautiful building. After five years of endeavouring, the Trust were finally bestowed the keys in November of last year. From here, they had to put together a business plan – they had to get the community on their side, and needed volunteers to make their whole idea work.

The plan was to create an Arts, Community and Enterprise Centre from the historic building. A haven for the Littleborough community, available for use for events activities, meetings, workshops, theatre, music, and training – a true community centre. This could potentially be the first community or civic centre that Littleborough has seen, and its community of 13,000 feel that they’re in need of one.

The centre will go by the name spACE@Hare Hill House, and will also house a community café which, in addition to serving the centre, will also cater for Hare Hill Park. The upper floors of the building will provide office or studio space for small, enterprising businesses and artists.

spACE@Hare Hill House could potentially be a big boost for Littleborough, and has the ability to help enterprising or creative minds get off the ground.

In May of this year, the Trust submitted their plan, after having gathered an Interim Management Committee and a team of kindred spirits who had volunteered to clean, clear, and run events at the House over the six months since claiming the keys.

The Trust has been granted a further 12 months to allow time to demonstrate to the council that it can undertake all necessary repair works on the house and raise the money needed.

The Trust is seeking an initial grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund, which uses money raised from the National Lottery to give grants, allowing councils and organisations to sustain their heritage. In addition to this, there are hopes that the Trust will be short-listed for the Yorkshire Building Society Legacy Fund and the Engage Mutual Foundation Community Awards – both of which being decided by public vote.If the Trust’s applications are successful it would enable the transformation of a wonderful building and give Littleborough the community centre that it needs.

Vote online to help spACE@Hare Hill House win £5,000:


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